Atomization Technology

Atmix Only-one Atomization Technology Creates New Value.

Water Atomization Process

Features • Mass production of fine powder of D50=10µm in high yield.
• Super fine powder of D50=2-3µm
• Spherical/Low oxygen content powder∗1
Image photo
Particle Shape photo
D50 1-50µm
Main Products
• MIM Powder
• Magnetic Powder
• Granulated Powder
Experimental lots 50kg Melting Furnace

∗1:Compared to our conventional grades


Features • Super Rapid Cooling Speed of more than 106K/sec.
• Enable amorphization of larger particle size than 100µm
• Super fine microstructure
Image photo
Particle Shape photo
D50 10-100µm
Main Products
• Amorphous Powder
• Nanocrystals Powder
• Super Fine Microstructure Powder
Experimental lots 5kg Melting Furnace
20kg Melting Furnace