Epson Atmix Corporation Quality Policy

Always giving the highest priority to the quality of products and services from the customer's viewpoint, we pursue a philosophy of "quality first," which includes the quality of every employee's attitude toward work as well as the quality of the company, and continue to create products and services that delight customers and earn their trust.

Epson Atmix Corporation Quality Principles

  1. We carry out our operations based on the understanding of customer requirements for quality and established objectives and criteria/rationales.
  2. We act speedily in accordance with sangen shugi (the three realities principle) and the Two Gens (Genri [Theory] and Gensoku [Rules]).
  3. By repeatedly asking the question "why," we address the true cause of issues.
  4. We follow the PDCA cycle to continuously improve our systems.

To achieve our quality policy, we establish company- and department-level quality objectives, review them through management reviews, and ensure that they are communicated throughout the company.

April 1, 2016


Epson Atmix Corporation Environmental Policy

  1. Mindful of its role as a leading developer, designer, manufacturer and vendor of metal powder injection molding components, metal powders and synthetic crystals, and situated in the rich natural environment of Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture, Epson Atmix Corporation considers harmony with nature to be a fundamental part of its mission and makes conservation of the global environment and existing harmoniously with the local community the starting point of its business activities.
  2. We will periodically conduct internal audits and management reviews and will improve on an ongoing basis our environmental management systems while additionally striving to prevent pollution to enhance our environmental performance.
  3. We believe in the need to comply with laws, regulations, ordinances, industry guidelines and customer requirements. Whenever necessary, we will establish voluntary standards and review and improve our business operations in order to prevent environmental contamination and accidents involving chemical substances contained in our products.
  4. We will establish and work under high environmental standards reflective of our business conditions and will revise them promptly as necessary.
  5. Giving due consideration to technological and economic circumstances, we will strive to reduce the impact of our business operations on the environment and to bring a recycling-based society closer to reality.
    (1)Energy conservation
    (2)Resource conservation
    (3)Waste reduction and recycling
  6. We aim to realize the Epson Atmix Corporation Environmental Policy by documenting it and performing the Policy on an ongoing basis in the participation of all members concerned.
  7. All our employees and all others working for us will develop a thorough knowledge of this Policy.
  8. We will disseminate this Policy to the general public.

June 29, 2017