What's Synthetic Quartz ?


 In the synthetic quartz business, we manufacture synthetic quartz ores with world-class quality by drawing on Japanese manufacturing technologies—maintenance and safety techniques for production equipment, high-precision processing technology, and cutting-edge electronics technologies—that we take great pride in on a global level.

What's Metal Powder

 Synthetic quartz ores are made from natural quartz by recrystallizing natural quartz to make high-purity quartz that contains less impurities. Synthetic quartz is mainly manufactured in Japan, China, and Russia.

The main use

 Synthetic quartz is used for quartz devices—key electronic parts that are used to drive electronics used in smartphones, PCs, TVs, digital cameras, automobiles, and other products that are necessities of life.

Reference Photograph
lascas(Natural crystal) Synthetic Quartz Synthetic Quartz
lascas (Natural crystal) Synthetic Quartz Synthetic Quartz

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