What's Metal Powder ?


 Under the metal powder business concept—“Advanced metal powders for developing next-generation products!”—we are developing and offering a wide variety of metal powder materials that are appropriate to our customers’ businesses based on our original manufacturing technologies.

What's Metal Powder

 Metal powders are powdery metals and stainless steel that most people are familiar with. A variety of metal powders are now being developed and manufactured throughout the world.

The main use

 Metal powders are mainly used as raw materials for powder metallurgy (a technology where metal powders are put into dies and compressed and then baked at high temperatures to manufacture high precision parts). They are used in automobiles, medical equipment, electronics, information devices, and other products that are necessary for daily life.


 Manufacturing methods for metal powders are broadly divided into three types: melting process, mechanical process, and chemical process. Even when the same type of metal is powdered, its characteristics vary depending on the method, so each method has its unique characteristics.
 We manufacture metal powders using the water atomization method (high-pressure water is atomized to molten metals to produce powders), which is one of the melting processes. Fine powders in a few micrometers (micrometer = 1/1000th of 1 mm) are used in wide variety of applications such as automotive, medical equipment, and electronics applications. In addition, we succeeded in mass-producing amorphous alloy powders ahead of other companies by the spinning water atomization process (SWAP), which is our original method. The powders have been drawing attention as a highly functional raw materials that help improve products’ performance, such as reducing power consumption and size and capability for high frequency and large currents.

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Factory site Water Atomization Powder Amorphous Powder
Factory site Water Atomization Powder Amorphous alloy powders

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