What's MIM ?


 Under the MIM business concept “Making it possible to manufacture parts and high-density parts having three-dimension complicated shapes from processing-resistant materials,” we have been providing various products appropriate to customer needs by using our seamless manufacturing system that effectively uses metal powders we manufactured—which is rare even in the world.

What's MIM

 The business name MIM stands for metal injection molding, and it was advocated in the 1970s. MIM is a highly accurate metal processing method that enables products in complicated shapes to be mass-produced from processing-resistant materials.
 Manufacturing parts from metal powders started approximately 100 years ago. MIM is still young in the history of such manufacturing, so it is possible to further develop and improve this method.

The main use

 We started working on this method ahead of others when the method was introduced to Japan, so we have accumulated a wealth of expertise and techniques. MIM parts are used for a broad range of products such as mobile devices including smartphones, medical equipment, automobiles, and industrial machinery. Even under such conditions, we are able to maintain the top market share in Japan. In addition, we have succeeded in mass-producing MIM parts from titanium that is appropriate for medical applications. Therefore, we have always been taking on challenges in new areas, which enables us to manufacture parts that satisfy customer needs.

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Factory site Magnetic Parts Titanium Parts
Factory site Magnetic Parts Titanium Parts

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