What kind of company EpsonAtmix ?

 Epson Atmix Corporation was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seiko-Epson Corporation by taking over the Metal Powder and Metal Injection Molding businesses of Pacific Metals Co., Ltd. in October 1999. At first, the company had only two businesses—metal powder and metal injection molding. We started our synthetic quartz business in 2001, so we now have three businesses. We offer technical support to customers in addition to manufacturing, developing, and selling products. We have developed a customer base throughout the entire world.
 Our products are raw materials with which most people are not familiar. However, all products existing in the world begin with raw materials. As raw materials evolve, it is possible for products in the world to evolve and be transformed.
 In order to realize such possibilities, we are further pursuing our existing inherent technologies to evolve them into original technologies and transform products in the world.